Online video for your business: a turn-key solution

Vimple offers you a complete solution to upload, store, manage, monetize and analyze your online video content. Vimple is a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution with an HTML5 player that gives you as much or as little storage space and streaming bandwidth as you need to provide a quality video experience to your users on any viewing device.

Manage your content

Have a thousand episodes on your video blog? Or are you a light user with the occasional short video news release for your corporate site? Vimple makes it easy to upload as much or as little content as you need, publish it to the web and give your audience a high-quality viewing experience on any web-connected device.

Vimple is a full-functioned online video solution flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Marketing tools, playlists, a custom player and more, all organized intuitively.

Two clicks and your video is up and available to everyone.

Painless streaming

Vimple provides reliable, high-speed streaming using our integrated content delivery network hosted at multiple datacenters in Europe.


With Vimple, you have direct access to security settings for your content. Set you videos to be visible to everyone, private to a select audience, playable anywhere or only on your own website and more (soon). Use passwords to protect your videos and direct video links so that your content can be viewed via a direct link.

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Marketing FeaturesNEW!

Vimple provides highly effective tools for using your video content as a business driver. Get more out of every contact with your audience and increase sales.


Add links to the end of your videos to turn your content into advertising and drive traffic to specific pages and products

Build mailing lists

Offer opt-in marketing list and newsletter signups right inside the video player before, during and after playback. Easily access the e-mail lists you create via your admin panel.

You can add customized text to your sign-ups to include offers and coupons to encourage uptake.

Call Backs

Hard-hitting sales tool built right into your video content. Your possible customers are intently watching a short video about your product and are offered the opportunity to leave their phone number for a call back from a customer service rep. Gathering call back numbers is the most effective way to maximize the productivity of your sales team and to close a sale. When a customer leaves their number, you receive an automatic notification in your admin panel and to your e-mail.


Fast, high-quality streaming is a key to attract and retain your audience. Your audience will watch more video and watch for longer if you deliver your content uninterrupted without buffering. Giving your audience content in HD (high definition) with the option, thanks to our HTML5 player, to watch on any device maximizes customer engagement.

Video player

Vimple is integrated with the Spruto free online video player. With Spruto, add your corporate logo, match your company design and completely customize the player layout and player actions. Create as many perfectly customized players as you need to match every distribution channel.

Custom player

Create a completely customized player. Design your own skins, choose what elements to use within the player and their placement

Your Logo

Add your company’s logo or any other image to the player.


Manage player actions by creating playlists, end-lists, play next settings and more

Flash and Html5

Flash & HTML5 for playback on any internet-connected device.


Show your own advertising or monetize using ad networks through integration with the Advark Video Monetization Platform


Gain deep insight into audience behavior using Google Analytics

Why Use Vimple?

Build your brand

Grow your customer base and enhance your corporate presence using our in-player marketing tools.


Drive sales with impactful product videos and understand customer behavior by analyzing viewing patterns.

Online training

Create impactful product manuals and expand your reach or limit distribution for paid online training using our security tools.

Online marketing

Drive traffic and sales for your sites or your customers’ sites.

Online Media

Enhance your written context with video making your content more impactful to grow your audience

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