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In-video advertising











Max video size 1 Gb 1 Gb 2 Gb
Traffic Unlimited 200 Gb 1000 Gb
Storage space*


videos are not deleted

15 Gb*

videos are not deleted

40 Gb*

videos are not deleted
Your own
Accelerated streaming speed
High quality (HD)
Password protect your videos
Support Basic Premium 1 hr
Pro video player with your logo
Revenue tools to monetize views
Immediate upload
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*"Business" and "Pro" plans allow you to buy extra traffic (1 Gb — $0,1) and storage space (1 Gb — $0,2).

Pricing «LOGO»

Access the full functionality of our video player

  • You can hige Vimple logo
  • Rarely-viewed videos are not deleted
  • Unlimited storage space and tools to run your own ad campaigns
  • Streaming speeds depend on network congestion
  • In-video advertising

Pricing «BUSINESS»

Grow your business with Vimple

  • A full suite of marketing and management tools to grow your audience
  • Enhanced streaming speeds from individual server
  • According to statistics, traffic distribution is sufficient for 98% of the business

Pricing «PRO»

Gives you everything you need for a professional online video presence

  • Expanded file size limits to upload long-form content
  • Generous storage space and enough streaming bandwidth for most users



15-day trial period

Payment available via Robokassa.

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